Save time & money by investing in a high quality boat lift, perfectly matched to your dock.

There are many advantages to using a boat lift, not the least of which is the protection of your boat from the effects of long-term water damage. Our expert team has installed hundreds of boat lifts, and is very familiar with finding the perfect boat lift to meet your personal needs, as well as the requirements of your location.

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Coastal Docks utilizes DECO for superior Boat Lifts

DECO Boat Lifts is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance boat lift systems, offering a broad array of products made with impeccable craftsmanship from durable materials. They manufacture three standard lines of boat lifts – the entry-level Maxi, signature DECO and top-of-the-line Concept CRS. These product lines include lifts in elevator, beamless, traditional four- eight piling beam, and box-beam configurations, so you can count on finding an option that’s well suited to your dock space and your watercraft.

They have developed a number of proprietary technologies that allow our boat hoists to outperform those of our competitors. One such innovation is our proprietary gearbox system, in which the bronze worm gear and other components are sealed in our unique blend of lubricants. This design is self-locking for the ultimate in boat lift safety and will keep your boat hoist whisper quiet for early morning launches and late night docking. We have also developed a patented Cable Retention System (CRS), which comes standard on all Concept lifts and is offered as an option on other models. A high-density plastic retainer holds the cables in place even when tension is lost, preventing bird nests and cable overlaps. This leads to a perfect wrap every time and, consequently, longer cable life.